Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors


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Q: How do I make a claim?
To invoke your policy benefits, provide us with the following information relevant to your claim via email at...
Q: Who provides my legal representation?
Once coverage is determined by the FEDS Claims Administrator, your case will be assigned to the appropriate legal counsel...
Q: Are FEDS Protection's liability benefits secured by an insurance company?
Yes, FEDS' liability benefits are secured by a U.S. based insurance company with an A.M. Best Financial Strength rating of A+XV(Superior)....
Q: How do I schedule my free consultations?
To schedule your consultation, call 866-955-FEDS Monday through Friday 8am – 6pm ET or contact us online. ...
Q: What are the claim reporting requirements for federal employees?
All claims must be reported in compliance with Section VIII – Conditions, A. Insured Member’s Duties in the Event of Occurrence, Claim or ...
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