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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

HR218 LEOSA Liability Coverage
for Active Federal Law Enforcement Officers

This coverage was developed by FEDS to fill the LEOSA civil exposure gaps similar to the on-duty civil liability gaps of federal LEOs.

FEDS optional LEOSA protection provides civil liability coverage (legal defense and indemnification) for legal and justified acts of qualified federal LEOs in protecting themselves or others from criminals and terrorists under the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 and the LEOSA Improvement Act of 2010. 

While these Acts allow qualified law enforcements officers to act off duty,
they do not shield from civil and criminal liability exposure.



As with federal employee professional liability exposure, LEOSA liability exposure becomes a concern for federal LEOs if the agency finds the officer acting outside of scope, outside of the interest of the U.S. to defend, and/or outside of agency LEOSA authority for off-duty incidents.

While we carefully designed this optional coverage to protect you and highly recommend it for all federal law enforcement officers, there are some factors to consider when evaluating your liability exposure.

  • Your agency’s off duty authorization;
  • How and when you carry when off-duty or not on assignment;
  • How and when you would involve yourself in a particular situation, i.e., if it is within your agency authority to defend yourself/others while off duty; and
  • How and when you would act to prevent loss of life or serious injury to others.


FEDS offers 2 coverage options, the difference being the civil liability limit:
  • $250,000 or $500,000 of civil liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by a lawful act under the LEOSA.
  • $50,000 for criminal defense costs resulting from an alleged criminal action involving a self-defense (or spouse/legal dependent defense) related incident.
  • $25,000 for criminal defense against state charges of unlawful carriage of a firearm or federally legal ammunition when lawfully carrying under LEOSA or a CCW.

LEOSA/State CCW coverage is available only to federal employees who are certified as "qualified active law enforcement officers” of a government agency as defined by and in accordance with 18 USC 926 B and 18 USC 926 C. This coverage option is not available to other federal employees.

Limits of Liability & Annual Premium

$150 annually + SL tax for $500,000/$50,000/$25,000 limits
$100 annually + SL tax for $250,000/$50,000/$25,000 limits

Both options are only available in addition to our PLI policy and can be found on the Federal Employee PLI application as a supplementary endorsement. Federal LEOs are eligible for agency reimbursement up to half the cost of FEDS professional liability insurance. Agencies will not reimburse costs for the optional LEOSA coverage.

Questions? Need Help?
Please call us at (866) 955-FEDS or contact us online. If you prefer, you can mail in an enrollment form with your payment. For more information, please refer to the FEDS Master Insurance Policy.

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