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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

A Message from FEDS Protection's President

Anthony Vergnetti, PresidentMore than ever before, the entire government community needs to know how important it is to have professional liability coverage in place. Federal employees are often unaware of the dire consequences that can arise just for doing their jobs.

With that in mind, I founded FEDS Protection (professional liability insurance), guided by a platform of education in order to make government employees and contractors aware of their significant professional exposures.

With the changing landscape of the federal government community, new workplace rules, new threats and technology, increased workloads and political demands, the potential of a claim or suit against you continues to grow.

FEDS Protection has assembled a nationally-recognized panel of attorneys with seasoned experience in defending federal employees and contractors in all types of investigations, disciplinary proceedings, civil suits and criminal actions. FEDS Protection and its attorneys listen to and work with those organizations, associations, government officials and other experts that are most familiar with the exposures you face, to ensure that we’re always current and can respond to your specific needs.

I have personally worked with and represented employees who have had professional liability protections in place, as well as with those who did not, and I can attest to how invaluable this type of coverage is. When these individuals started their federal careers, naturally none of them could foresee a situation in which such a professional exposure would arise. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking: "That could never happen to me.”

We have carefully designed this website to give you as much information as possible about the details and benefits of having liability protection. If you would like to reach me directly, I am always available to speak with employees or groups that represent the best interests of federal government employees or contractors. I can be reached at 301.229.2481, or you can contact me online. I do hope you'll choose FEDS as your professional liability insurance provider as so many others have…and are very glad they did!

Thanks and Best Regards,

Anthony F. Vergnetti, Esq.

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