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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance

What Is DBA Insurance?

Defense Base Act insurance coverage, also known as “DBA” Insurance, is essentially “Workers Compensation” coverage remedy for government contractors while working overseas. DBA insurance provides medical benefits and compensation for injury, disability, or death for persons operating or performing services under a contract or subcontract with the U.S. Federal Government.

Who Needs DBA Insurance?

If your company has been awarded an OCONUS contract with the U.S. Federal Government and you have as few as one employee working overseas, your company is required to purchase a DBA insurance policy.

Unless a DBA Waiver has been granted by the U.S. Secretary of Labor, DBA insurance coverage is required for ALL personnel working on a contract overseas, including U.S Citizens, U.S. Hires (USN), Host Country Nationals (HCNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs).

What Does DBA Insurance Cost?

Reasonably priced DBA insurance policies are a reimbursable cost under federal contracts. DBA insurance premiums start at $3,500. Similar to domestic Workers’ Compensation policies, the premiums for DBA policies are based on total payroll (remuneration) per job description.

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