Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors


Q: Why do I need liability protection for EEO complaints filed against me as the Responsible Management Official? I thought my agency’s attorneys defend the EEO complaint and me?

While it is true that the agency's attorneys are responsible for defending the EEO complaint and working with you to further the agency's defense of the EEO complaint, the agency's attorney represent the agency’s interests -- not yours. This means that the agency is the client and the attorney's duty of loyalty is to the agency only. This could lead to a situation where the agency attorney is advancing an interest that is adverse to you. You need someone looking out for your interests. This is where membership in FEDS comes in — it provides you an attorney to defend you during the EEO investigation, and in the unfortunate event that there is a disciplinary action against you as a result of the EEO matter.

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