Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors


Q: I am an AUSA/DOJ attorney and would like to know if this insurance covers me for a State Bar matter or proceeding?

Yes—State Bar proceedings that arise out of the performance of your AUSA duties are covered by the administrative provision of the insurance. Typical fact pattern: OPR investigation commences as a result of allegation of professional misconduct from a judge or some other entity. If you had the FEDS insurance, you would be assigned an attorney to assist in the OPR investigation. If at the conclusion of the OPR investigation, OPR makes a finding of professional misconduct, OPR is required to refer the finding to the State Bar(s) were you are licensed and DOJ may take disciplinary action. The insurance will cover your legal fees up to $200,000 for both the disciplinary matter and any State Bar proceeding. Depending on the facts and the jurisdiction, we many want to hire separate legal counsel for each proceeding.

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