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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Federal Flight Deck Officer PLI

"If an FFDO is operating in accordance with the FFDO SOP, on or off Mission Status, he is covered under this plan -with or without TSA representation. This plan is comparable to that purchased by thousands of other Federal Law Enforcement Officers and is a must for every FFDO."
                                                                                                             -   Paul W. Nelson
                                                   Secretary, Federal Flight Deck Officers Association

FFDO Insurance: Protect yourself while securing others.

You’re confronted with an enormous amount of liability exposure every day as a Federal Flight Deck Officer. When you are faced with the possibility of having to deploy lethal force, you could also be faced with serious allegations against you that may arise through your duties of defending the flight deck.

It is a lonely (and expensive) journey to resolution, even if all the allegations are unfounded.

FEDS Professional Liability Insurance is a vital element in an officer’s strategy to protect himself and his family from financial harm in the event of a lawsuit.
To this end, the FFDOA, and pilot associations ALPA, and CAPA jointly collaborated with FEDS to make available to all FFDOs this important FFDO insurance plan.

FEDS Protection is Affordable:

$1,000,000 Policy: $200*

$2,000,000 Policy: $300*

* Plus applicable taxes and administrative fees

Have questions? Call us at 866.955.FEDS.


For complete terms and conditions, see Federal Flight Deck Officers Master Civil Liability Policy.

Note: Policy coverage is only applicable to lawful actions of FFDOs to defend the flight deck against acts of criminal violence or air piracy as authorized by APATA Title XIV or other transportation security statutes.

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