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FEDS Protection's mission is to support federal employees in all aspects of their careers. We care about what goes on in the federal community- both the good and the bad- which is why we have teamed up with several news outlets to share important information, resources, and current events with the federal readership.


Press Releases


FEDmanager: Manager Matters 

FEDmanager® is a news site and free weekly newsletter providing federal managers, executives, and HR representatives the latest information to manage the nation's largest and most important workforce. From top news stories affecting the federal workforce to understandable reporting on new regulations, laws and key court decisions, FEDmanager delivers unfiltered, unbiased news in an easy-to-read, straightforward format, designed to keep readers ahead of the rapidly changing federal workplace. Check the Manager Matters column for monthly updates from FEDS Protection. 

FEDagent: The Spotlight

FEDagent® is a free weekly E-Report providing up-to-date news for 1811 Special Agents and other federal employees engaged in the mission of federal law enforcement and national security. From top news stories in the federal law enforcement and homeland security arena, to understandable reporting on key court decisions, FEDagent delivers unfiltered, unbiased news in an easy-to-read, straightforward format, designed to keep readers informed about the law enforcement workforce. The Spotlight column is updated monthly. 

Federal News Network: Federal Insights

Federal News Network is the key source of breaking news, information and analysis for the people who support the missions of federal agencies. Federal News Network addresses federal agency managers, policy makers and contractors. Read the FEDS Insights below:

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No Federal Professional Liability Insurance? A High Stakes Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

Are You Taking Advantage of All Your Federal Employee Benefits?


Federal News Radio: FEDtalk

FEDtalk is a live radio talk show produced by Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., a federal employment law firm. Bringing you the insider’s perspective from leaders in the federal community since 1993, every other Friday. Tune in to Federal News Radio (1500 AM) to hear FEDS President and FEDtalk host Tony Vergnetti discuss current issues affecting federal employees or stream past shows online.


The FEDS Protection YouTube Channel is primarily used as an educational platform. Here, you can find explanations of federal employee professional liability insurance for a variety of different groups, including several webinars hosted by FEDS President, Tony Vergnetti. 

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