Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors


Q: I thought DOJ represents me in the event I get sued personally for acts or omissions occurring within the scope of my employment. Why should I get a FEDS PLI policy if DOJ will represent me?

While it is true that DOJ does represent or hire private counsel to represent federal employees in many civil suits for acts or omissions that occur within the scope of their employment, it is also true that DOJ may exercise its broad discretion to deny you DOJ representation, and also decline to hire private counsel for you if DOJ determines that it is not "in the interest of the United States" to provide representation. This often occurs in cases where you are also being investigated for or charged with misconduct by your agency for the same acts that lead to the lawsuit, even though you were acting within the scope of employment.

And even if DOJ does grant you representation, the agency does not have to indemnify you. This means you could still be held liable for thousands of dollars in financial judgments. 

FEDS Protection provides you with your own personal attorney, indemnity protection, and administrative benefits for less than $1 per day. And if you are a manager, supervisor, or law enforcement officer, your agency will reimburse you up to ½ the premium for a net cost of just $145 per year. It could cost you between $50,000 and $150,000 or more to pay for private counsel to defend you in a lawsuit, adverse action, or MSPB appeal. Today's federal employees simply can't afford not to have FEDS Protection.

For more information on why Federal Employees may need Professional Liability Insurance, Watch Our Video Overview.


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