Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Life Insurance for Federal Employees

As an organization committed to protecting Federal Employees since 2007, we'd like to share another unique organization that exclusively serves Feds like you by providing affordable and reliable life insurance.  

Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) is a non-profit association formed by federal employees, for federal employees. The goal of WAEPA is to provide access to products and services that promote the health, welfare and financial well-being of its members and does so by offering rates up to 89% less than FEGLI.

WAEPA has been the premier provider of Group Term Life Insurance for Civilian Federal Employees for over 75 years and serves more than 46,000 members and their families across all levels and agencies.

To learn about more WAEPA, estimate your benefits and premiums, or apply online, visit today. 

Have questions? Call 800.368.3484 or Contact WAEPA Online.

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