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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Independent Federal Contractors PLI

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Whether you’re interested in protecting all that you’ve worked so hard for, or fulfilling your company’s requirement to secure professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

Designed by a former federal attorney, the FEDS Contractor Policy pays for your legal defense and liability damages (up to the policy limit) if you are sued for an act, error or omission resulting from or arising out of professional contract services provided to the federal government, either directly, or on behalf of your employer.
The FEDS Contractor Policy will also extend to contracts you enter into with state and local governments provided the work is of substantially similar nature to your federal contract work.

Note: If your contract work is primarily non-federal or you need coverage for your business, please contact us for a quote. The FEDS Contractor policy is specifically for independent contractors.

The FEDS Government Contractor Insurance Policy is available for contractors who:

  • Provide background investigations, suitability and security clearance determinations, and other pre-employment screening services via contract with the Government;
  • Provide analysis, counsel, design, development, examination, inspection, reconstruction, recovery, review or screening services, or scientific or technical services via contract with the Government;
  • Provide advice in formulating or implementing programs or services via contract with the Government;
  • Possess specialized knowledge, experience, or expertise to investigate assigned problems or projects via contract with the Government; and/or
  • Possess highly technical or unique individual skills or talents requested by the Government.
Contractors eligible for coverage include accountants, analysts, architects, auditors, background investigators, claims adjustors, consultants, contract specialists, contract management specialists, contractor fraud specialists, defense engineers, EEO investigators, engineers, expert witnesses, financial forensic investigators, fire investigators, fraud examiners, instructors, linguists, marketing professionals, polygraph examiners, program analysts, project managers, real estate professionals, researchers, translators, and more.

Limits of Liability: Annual Premium:
$1,000,000 Each Incident / $1,000,000 Policy Aggregate $750
$1,000,000 Each Incident / $2,000,000 Policy Aggregate $825
$1,000,000 Each Incident / $3,000,000 Policy Aggregate $885
$1,000,000 Each Incident / $4,000,000 Policy Aggregate $930
$1,000,000 Each Incident / $5,000,000 Policy Aggregate $975

The FEDS Contractor policy is underwritten and issued on a group basis by FEDS Protection through the Public Employees Purchasing Group (PEPG) domiciled in Washington, DC. As such, Insured members become members of the PEPG, entitling you to group rates and subject to master policy aggregates, terms and conditions.

Questions? Need Help? Please call us at (866) 955-FEDS or contact us online. If you prefer, you can mail in an enrollment form with your payment. For more information, please refer to the FEDS Master Insurance Policy.

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