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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Examples of Federal Employees Needing to Hire an Attorney or File a Claim under FEDS Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Here are just a few examples of allegations resulting in the need for federal employees to invoke their professional liability insurance benefits or hire his/her own lawyer:
  • An IRS employee facing a UNAX allegation, an unauthorized 6104 disclosure, a 1203 or 1204 investigation, or a TIGTA investigation
  • A dedicated SEC employee (or any regulatory agency employee) facing an investigation, proposed disciplinary action, and the potential of a civil action due to an error in his effort to uncover regulatory and criminal violations
  • An overwhelmed veterinarian facing removal and a civil suit arising out of an incident concerning food-borne illness related
  • USDA employees facing an agency investigation after a lawsuit is filed by a special interest group
  • An EPA employee facing an investigation and personal capacity lawsuit over her actions related to a contaminated property
  • NRC employees facing removal over demands of accountability arising out of an alleged failure to safeguard sensitive information
  • A manager facing employee allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or wrongful termination where the agency has taken a position adverse to his own
  • A USAID employee called to testify before Congress
  • A BOP officer facing an agency investigation as well as a prisoner lawsuit over a split second decision involving an inmate
  • An AUSA facing an OPR investigation over an alleged Brady violation
  • A wildland firefighter facing a criminal prosecution involving a burnover fatality
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