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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

December 2023 Newsletter

Happy Holidays from FEDS

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at FEDS Protection. Thank you to all the federal employees and public servants who helped keep our government operating and our country safe this year. We truly appreciate you for trusting FEDS Protection to be your provider of professional liability insurance and to help protect your career and financial security for better peace of mind. If you aren’t a FEDS Protection member or know someone else who isn’t, consider protecting yourself or recommending FEDS today!
We are honored to partner with so many great organizations and be a part of their special events, including annual conferences, conventions, and meetings. Our commitment to federal employees is one of the main reasons we are recommended by the leading federal employee associations across the country. 

Are You a Retiring Federal Employee or Leaving Federal Service and Considering Contracting with the Government?
If yes, consider FEDS Protection for your government contracting insurance needs. At FEDS Protection, we also support Federal Contractors by providing insurance coverage specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of today's federal contractors, including general and professional liability, Defense Base Act Insurance, and Foreign Liability coverage.  In our experience, many small businesses need assistance in navigating the insurance portion of a government RFP.

The federal government is our specific focus and area of expertise. If you are looking to review your current or upcoming insurance needs, including the unique insurance requirements of any contract involving civilian employees overseas (requiring DBA Insurance and Foreign Liability coverage) please contact our government contractor specialist Deb Moylan at 301-284-8887 or

Deb Moylan can help you bridge the gap so that your next contract will lead to success!

Inclusion in Action
FEDS Protection wants to celebrate those who work together from diverse backgrounds that move our country forward. These efforts are not and cannot be made alone. They are completed each day with empathy, energy, and intentionality. While some moments can be awkward, small wins can be awesome.  Regardless, each inclusive action is worth the effort. 

We hope each of you can play a small part in the path toward progress and continue to do so in your own way. We will continue to stand with you in this effort every step of the journey.

"Like many of us, I have worked with many troubled accounts, large loans, legal cases, and environmental assessments.   I currently supervise employees, but for much of my career I did not.   I have maintained a long-term relationship with FEDS and the peace of mind that goes with it.   Although grateful that I have never needed to file a claim, I have used their legal consultations.  I personally know FSA employees that HAVE needed the service and found it to be as advertised; invaluable!  FEDS has been a big supporter of NACS, including the important information they provide on employee issues.   Unfortunately, we can all agree that common sense does not protect us in today’s world.  It is helpful to know that we have access to an advocate that we can trust.  I highly recommend FEDS.  They have been very responsive to my needs, and I would not come to work without them."
- John Gehrke Sanders (NACS, Past President)

Radio, News & Webinars
Contact us if you or your agency are interested in a webinar or brochures that provide federal employees best practices on how to protect themselves with a federal employee professional liability insurance policy like the one offered by FEDS Protection. This benefit is so important, it could be partially reimbursed for many federal employees! This month, FEDS Protection was featured in FEDagent and FEDmanager to help educate and better protect federal employees across the country. 
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