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Federal Task Force Officers
Professional Liability Insurance

As Federal Task Force Officers, you are vulnerable to the very same allegations and lawsuits as federal law enforcement officers. These lawsuits, commonly referred to as 1983 actions against state and local LEO's (and Bivens actions against federal agents) usually involve a claim of an alleged violation under the Fourth Amendment claiming an unlawful search or seizure or some other constitutional tort (i.e., 1st, 5th or 8th Amendment violations) arising out of an enforcement action.

Liability insurance often becomes necessary when there is a major event, operational event, or one that results (or is alleged to result) in safety concerns, public alarm, injury, death, oversight or a security vulnerability or breach - especially with media attention or political involvement. Without proper protection in place, it is cost prohibitive for federal task force officers to defend against a decision, action or inaction  – even if you are ultimately vindicated.

The good news is you are eligible for the very same protection as federal law enforcement officers - at the very same price.


FEDS Protection is Affordable: 
$290 Annual Premium for the $1,000,000 Policy 
$390 Annual Premium for the $2,000,000 Policy


As the #1 most recommended provider by federal law enforcement associations, FEDS understands the unique circumstances that only officers who deal with potentially dangerous individuals can truly appreciate. This type of workplace unfortunately results in an environment that makes even the best officers vulnerable to lawsuits. Contact us for information on how our liability coverage interacts with such laws and concepts as the Federal Torts Claims Act, Absolute and Qualified Immunity Doctrines, common law and constitutional torts and how these concepts affect your exposures and potential liability as a federal task force officer.

With FEDS Protection:

You are appointed your own personal attorney to defend against work related allegations, claims and lawsuits. The FEDS professional liability policy provides coverage for Administrative & Disciplinary Matters, Personal Capacity Lawsuits / 1983 Actions, and Criminal Investigations that you could be subjected to while performing your job.

The FEDS policy is underwritten and issued on a group basis by FEDS Protection through the Public Employees Purchasing Group (PEPG) domiciled in Washington, DC. As such, Insured members become members of the PEPG, entitling you to group rates and subject to master policy aggregates, terms and conditions.


Qualified law enforcement officers are also eligible for LEOSA coverage. FEDS optional LEOSA coverage provides civil coverage for federal LEOs for any "legal and justified” act, error or omission while protecting themselves, their families, or others from criminals and terrorists under the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 and the LEOSA Improvement Act of 2010.

While these Acts allow qualified law enforcement officers to take action, they do not shield from civil and criminal liability exposure. Civil exposure becomes a concern for federal LEOs if the agency finds the officer acting outside of scope, outside of interest of the U.S. to defend, and/or outside of agency LEOSA authority for off-duty incidents. The coverage was developed with the help of LEOSA expert attorneys who defended active officer LEOSA situations, to fill the LEOSA civil exposure gaps similar to the on-duty civil liability gaps of federal LEOs.

LEOSA/State CCW coverage is available only to employees who are certified as "qualified active law enforcement officers” of a government agency as defined by and in accordance with 18 USC 926 Band 18 USC 926C.


Questions? Need Help Enrolling?

Please call us at (866) 955-FEDS or contact us online. For complete terms and conditions, please refer to the FEDS Professional Liability Master Insurance Policy.


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