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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Federal Judges

The FEDS Professional Liability policy provides protection to all federal judges—whether you are an Article III judge, an Administrative Law Judge under Title 5 of the U.S. Code, a Judge on a Board of Contract Appeals, National Labor Relations Board, Board of Veterans Appeal, Immigration Judge, or you perform some other judicial or quasi-judicial function (i.e., MSPB, EEOC, FLRA, OPM, GAO) in the federal government.  While Article III and non-Article III judges have different types and degrees of exposure, the FEDS policy is designed to protect judges across the federal government.  A FEDS policy provides civil, administrative, and criminal protection to members of the federal judiciary.

Administrative & Disciplinary Matters:

For any administrative or disciplinary action resulting from an act, error, or omission arising out of the scope of your employment, FEDS will pay for legal defense up to $200,000.  If you are also an attorney, the FEDS policy will also defend you in a state bar investigation and proceeding arising out of the performance of your federal job duties.  If you perform managerial and/or supervisory duties in addition to your adjudicative functions, your FEDS coverage would also apply to complaints from subordinate employees, such as EEO, whistleblower retaliation and other federal sector personnel related matters.

Article III Judges

Article III judges have become increasingly vulnerable to actions centered on violations of the judicial Code of Conduct. In March 2019 the judicial Code of Conduct was officially revised to make explicit that workplace harassment is prohibited, that there is a duty to report misconduct, and that retaliation for reporting misconduct is prohibited. These new guidelines have opened the door for more potential disciplinary proceedings than ever before.

The judicial Code of Conduct contains a specific procedure for addressing complaints of workplace harassment, which are centered within the courts themselves. In the event of a claim, FEDS Protection will defend you in these proceedings under the Administrative portion of our Professional Liability Insurance policy. For each covered complaint regarding a violation of the judicial code of conduct, FEDS will provide up to $200,000 for legal defense costs.

Non-Article III Judges

For non-Article III Judges, the administrative provision of the FEDS policy is the most important component of the protection offered because it covers the administrative investigations and disciplinary proceedings resulting from allegations of wrongdoing and complaints filed by claimants, claimant representatives, persons or groups on the claimant's behalf, coworkers and the attorneys who practice before your tribunals.

The most common complaints or allegations of wrongdoing or impropriety leading to investigations and disciplinary actions include:
  • Allegations of conduct prejudicial to the effective and/or expeditious administration of the business of the courts;
  • Agency reprimands for remarks at hearings deemed improper or evidencing "conduct unbecoming a judge”;
  • Allegations of abuse of authority or other professional misconduct;
  • Alleged improper courtroom behavior;
  • Alleged improper or illegal influence; and
  • Ethics complaints.

Civil Suits:

While most judges enjoy the same judicial immunity protection as Article III judges for adjudicative decisions and functions, immunity is not absolute, even if the exposure is extremely rare.  FEDS PLI pays up to $1, $2 or $3 million (depending on the policy chosen) of indemnity protection and legal defense in the event you are sued and/or found liable as a result of a personal capacity lawsuit in the performance of your duties.

Criminal Investigations:

FEDS PLI pays for legal defense up to $100,000 for any criminal proceeding or investigation into any act, error, or omission arising out of the course and scope of employment.


Enrollment takes less than 5 minutes.

 FEDS Protection is Affordable:

$1,000,000 Policy:  $290*

$2,000,000 Policy:  $390*

$3,000,000 Policy:  $490*

* Plus applicable taxes and administrative fees

Payroll deduction is available, starting at $12 per pay period.

Managers and supervisors are eligible for agency reimbursement of up to 50% of the PLI premium cost.

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