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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Federal Government Contracting Companies

If your company is providing products and/or services to the Federal Government, there are unique risks requiring customized protections tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Your company will also need an insurance team that knows who you are, what you do, where your exposure is, and how to manage your situation when faced with a claim or lawsuit.

FEDS provides Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability Insurance, General Liability, Products Liability and other insurance products for a wide range of federal government contractors including those providing:
  1. Analysis, counsel, design, development, examination, inspection, reconstruction, recovery, review or screening services, via contract with the government;
  2. Intelligence, reconnaissance, scientific or technical services via contract with the government;
  3. Training and/or advice in formulating or implementing programs or services via contract with the government;
  4. Specialized knowledge, experience, or expertise to investigate assigned problems or projects via contract with the government; and/or
  5. Highly technical or unique individual skills or talents requested by the government.
Whether your company’s operations are domestic or in hostile and remote locations worldwide, our underwriters, risk managers and federal law defense teams have the technical expertise necessary to handle such unconventional exposures.

FEDS also provides liability insurance coverage for your independent and W2 contractors. While requiring employees/contractors to secure his/her own professional liability insurance provides an additional layer of protection for your company and peace of mind for company owners, it provides your employee with his/her own legal defense attorney - and indemnifies (pays the judgment up to the limit of the policy) if the employee is found liable.

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