Professional Liability Insurance
for Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Professional liability insurance often becomes necessary when there is a major incident or an enforcement operation that results in injury, death, public alarm, threats to public safety, oversight or a security vulnerability or breach. Defending a decision, action or inaction could be cost prohibitive, even if actions were within scope and you are ultimately vindicated.

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Indemnification for Civil Suits

If a personal capacity lawsuit or Bivens action is filed against you and you don't have PLI in place, you could spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars just to defend yourself. If a civil case is decided against you, you could also be held liable for damages even though your actions were within scope of employment.

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Defense Against Claims & Allegations

Facing an investigation or administrative sanction, without legal representation, could cost you more than just your savings. FEDS PLI provides objective and experienced counsel to deal with investigations and disciplinary proceedings resulting from alleged acts, errors and omissions while in the performance of today's federal law enforcement job duties.

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FEDS $1,000,000 policy is $290 a year or $145 after agency reimbursement. Federal Law requires agencies to reimburse law enforcement officers up to 50% of the cost of insurance.

"WIFLE believes that no federal law enforcement officer should be without liability insurance. The FEDS policy gives those in law enforcement the protection they need to do their jobs."

Margie Moore, First Executive Director of WIFLE, Inc., Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE)