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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Today…Telework. Tomorrow…20/20 Hindsight, Allegations & Accountability

During any problem, crisis or tragedy, tough decisions are made with the information on hand.  Each decision can be scrutinized, with 20/20 hindsight, to determine if something else could or should have been done to hinder injuries. Agencies could come under fire as well as individuals involved in making "common sense” or pressured minute to minute decisions.  Across agencies government wide, you may see finger pointing, allegations, investigations, political posturing, blame games, and scapegoating. 

Whether you’re managing a task or people, you are expected to act to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the federal government. Additionally, your responsibility to hold employees accountable can make for a tense and unhappy work environment, especially in times of crisis.  If your employees are teleworking or you are managing projects differently than in the past, you now have additional exposure. Some managers and employees are faced with rapidly evolving situations, information, and technology issues, in uncharted territory.

If a program, policy, process, or event involving you or your agency is to come under scrutiny by the public, media, or a politician, you need to know what matters – and what doesn’t.  If you are managing or supervising employees, projects, or programs – get your FEDS Protection in place now – it only takes 5 minutes and coverage must be in place prior to the incident that leads to an allegation.  If your employees are doing the following, they could also look into protecting themselves with federal employee professional liability insurance:
  • providing law enforcement, security or protecting our nation's security; 
  • making decisions on public policy or in the interest of the public; 
  • working directly with the public; 
  • working in the intelligence community; 
  • providing HR functions; 
  • obligating and administering funds or contracts; 
  • providing medical, financial, or other professional services; or 
  • regulating products, businesses, or securities matters.       

Unfortunately, during and after this crisis, finger pointing may begin.  What doesn’t matter is that this situation is unprecedented, or the facts or the pressure under which a decision was made.  At least not initially, or for months or years until an investigation concludes. Often times, the media coverage of initial allegations is newsworthy for days or weeks or more, yet the final verdict gets just a few minutes of media attention, if at all.  For some employees, offices or agencies, the truth doesn’t even matter in the end.  The damage is already done.  

There could be many investigations into decisions made prior to and during this crisis. No one can ever fully prepare for a tragedy, but we can educate and give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your employees.  Having FEDS Protection (which means having legal counsel experienced in the array of federal investigations and proceedings) makes a world of difference.  Defending Feds is what we do.  Agencies pay half the cost of FEDS Protection for all employees classified as managers, supervisors or law enforcement officers –  to protect you when you could be disciplined or held liable for acts, errors or omissions in the performance of your duties.  

For more information about your professional exposures or how to obtain FEDS Protection, call 866.955.FEDS or visit  Questions can also be sent to 
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