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October 2021



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TSA Officers Gain MSPB Appeal Rights


Under a new agreement between the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), full-time and part-time TSA officers (TSOs) are now able to appeal adverse actions to the MSPB. Because this is new territory for TSA officers, navigating these appeals may be difficult – FEDS Protection can help.

Now that TSOs have the ability to appeal adverse actions to the MSPB, the importance of having professional liability insurance (PLI) from FEDS Protection, which covers MSPB appeals, is magnified. MSPB appeals can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming.


With a FEDS Protection PLI policy, administrative actions resulting from actions taken within the scope of your employment are covered and will be defended as high as the MSPB level—an option TSA employees now enjoy.  

Liability Spotlight—What Liability Risks Do LEOs Face?


In today’s federal workforce, there is often widespread misunderstanding about what kinds of professional exposures federal law enforcement officers are vulnerable to and how PLI helps provide protection.


Typically, PLI coverage comes into play for federal law enforcement officers when a major event, operational issue, or action within the scope of their employment allegedly results in a security breach, safety concern, public alarm, injury, death, or other oversight. FEDS Protection provides coverage for each of these types of exposure.


Many federal law enforcement officers underestimate their exposure to a personal capacity lawsuit – every officer must understand: 

• Federal law enforcement officers can be sued. 

• DOJ can deny representation. 

• Officers can be held liable for a judgment.


Federal officers also have additional exposures beyond civil liability, including administrative and criminal risks. Federal employees are often the subject of administrative investigations and disciplinary proceedings for actions taken while performing their law enforcement duties. 


Sometimes, these actions can also result in criminal investigations. Any one of these scenarios can prove devastating to the career and finances of a federal law enforcement officer. 




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FEDS Protection attended the 26th annual FLEOA National Convention in Warwick, RI and could not be more proud of the accomplishments of the FLEOA leadership and its members. 


We’d like to congratulate all of the award winners, give a special shout out to Tim Chard and Enid Febus on receiving the Bob Van Etten award, and a big thank you to every single FLEOA member for all of your everyday efforts and sacrifices. 






Happening Now 



October 24-28th

 Las Vegas, NV








Save The Date
Santos v. NASA Webinar

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 @ 1pm

Live on Zoom


In this live webinar, an attorney from Shaw Bransford & Roth, the firm which served as court appointed amicus curiae counsel in Santos, will explain the Federal Circuit's holding and its practical application for agencies and federal managers.


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AUSAs: Learn About Your Professional Exposures & How a PLI Policy Protects You

Thursday, November 4, 2021 @ 1pm

Live on Zoom


In this live webinar, Chris Keevan an attorney from Shaw Bransford & Roth and Tony Vergnetti, president of FEDSProtection will explain:

  • Unique legal issues facing AUSAs
  • Understanding the OPR Process
  • Ethical issues
  • Professional liability insurance


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"The 26th FLEOA Convention was a resounding success due to the contributions of our sponsors, partners, and members. This Convention was unique this year in that we provided our delegates and presidents with one of a kind physical and mental health trainings to ensure their success in the field. We were also able to provide access to vital resources, like FEDS Protection, so agents and officers know someone has their back while their watching our country’s back. This convention was incredibly diverse and unique with attendees from across the country participating in these important trainings and receiving access to critical resources, and none of it would have been possible without the strong and consistent support of our partners. At the end of the day, our nation is safer because organizations like FEDS Protection recognize the value of law enforcement and are willing to work with FLEOA to provide our over 30,000 members with exceptional member benefits. We are grateful for their longstanding partnership with FLEOA and are excited to continue raising the bar and professionalizing policing in our nation."


Larry Cosme, FLEOA National President 


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