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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Federal Employees Feeling the Heat in 2021

Federal employees at all agencies are feeling the heat as one OIG investigation after another commences. Many are politically divisive with career federal employees primed for getting caught in the wide net of agency OIG investigations and facing consequences driven by demands for accountability, such as:

DOJ OIG on Attempts to Overturn Election

DOJ, DHS, Interior, Defense on Jan. 6 Riot

We’ve been defending federal employees for a long time and here’s what we know for sure:

  • Some good deeds will absolutely result in punishment – no matter how logical, necessary, effective or brilliant they seemed at the time of crises.  
  • There is a plethora of problems, obstacles, accusations, and allegations that have not yet surfaced as a result of everything ‘gone wrong’ in 2020 and early 2021, but they will.
  • The unseen, unintended consequences of federal employee decisions and actions will continue to embroil some federal employees in the complexities of investigations and personal capacity lawsuits.

FEDS Protection provides federal employee professional liability insurance. This insurance is unique to federal employees because it not only covers civil exposures, but it also provides defense for the many agency, OIG, Congressional and other investigations that only federal employees are subjected to.

Apply now – it only takes 5 minutes.  Some employees are eligible for agency reimbursement, all employees are eligible for payroll deduction.




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