Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Federal Managers Need Professional Liability Insurance 

You can help protect yourself from risks like these by getting professional liability insurance that’s specifically designed for federal employees. At Feds Insurance, we offer such a policy that provides coverage for administrative and disciplinary matters, civil suits and criminal investigations that federal managers may face.

Coverage for Administrative and Disciplinary Matters

There are many issues you may face that fall under the umbrella of administrative and disciplinary matters. Just a sampling includes:

  • Employment Liability Claims (e.g. harassment, discrimination claims)
  • Retaliation, Wrongful Termination and Whistleblower Claims
  • Official Investigations (e.g. OIG, OSC, OPR, OIA, HR investigations)
  • Internal Disciplinary Boards and Disciplinary Proceedings
  • MSPB Appeals

In the event of a covered issue such as these, our professional liability insurance provides up to $200,000 worth of coverage for legal defense costs. The policy will help pay your legal costs, and our highly qualified attorneys will help you prepare for and attend any interviews you’re summoned to.

Coverage for Personal Liability Lawsuits

If you're named in a personal liability suit that’s related to your official duties, Department of Justice representation is far from guaranteed. Should the DOJ decide it’s not in the country’s best interest to represent you -- and the DOJ sometimes does reach this conclusion -- you'll be without government representation.

When this happens, our liability policy will provide you up to $1 or $2 million worth of defense coverage and liability damages for the suit. (The exact amount of coverage is dependent upon the policy you select.)

Coverage for Criminal Investigations

As a federal manager, you can also be accused of Title 18 violation such as misappropriation of funds, a conflict of interest, the release of protected information or abuse of power.

In the event that you’re accused of these types of activities, our policy provides up to $100,000 worth of legal defense coverage.

Get Professional Liability Insurance for Federal Employees

To protect yourself from these risks, enroll in our professional liability insurance today. Tailored for federal employees, we at FEDS Protection are proud that the policy has been endorsed by the Senior Executives Association, Federal Managers Association and Professional Managers Association. Starting at just $290 per year -- half of which the government will reimburse -- our policy is an inexpensive protection against risks you face that could come at anytime and from anyone.
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