Professional Liability Insurance and Eagle
FEDS is pleased to partner with FedAdvantage and allFEDS to offer additonal insurance to enhance your benefits.


FedAdvantage offers supplemental disability insurance designed to "fill the gaps" in your leave and disability retirement benefits, providing federal employees with the peace of mind in knowing they can protect their income through a comprehensive disability insurance program.

Underwritten by MetLife, fedADVANTAGE offers a choice of three programs intended to meet the needs of all federal employees.
  • Short-Term Disability (STD) insurance
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance
  • Combination of both (short and long term disability) insurance plans

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FEDS has partnered with allFEDS to offer federal employees the option to enhance benefits and save money.  Most federal employees can greatly improve their life insurance portfolio by comparing their Federal Employee Group Life Insurance...FEGLI Option "B" with coverage available in the commercial marketplace. 

Through allFEDS affiliation with, you can compare your FEGLI Option "B" with the top carriers in the country such as Banner, Prudential, Genworth, ING/Reliastar and Transamerica.

In most cases, allFEDS is able to save federal employees 50-80% off the published government rates for their group policy. For most employees over 50, these savings will exceed $100,000 over twenty years. It is possible to pay for the supplemental disability or long term care insurance programs with just the savings from this life insurance program.
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