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Liability and legal defense for acts, errors & omissions of federal employees which are committed or arise out of the course and scope of employment including but not limited to:

  • Civil Lawsuits / Bivens Action
  • OIG Investigations
  • Whistleblower & Other OSC Investigations
  • Congressional Investigations
  • OPR Investigations
  • Management Directed Administrative Investigations
  • Disciplinary Actions at the Agency Level
  • Disciplinary Actions Requiring Appeal to the MSPB
  • Criminal Investigations
BBB Accredited Business

IRS Managers Testimonials and Endorsements

Professional Managers Association

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of PMA and our nationwide members, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with PMA’s endorsement of your new professional liability product.

These endorsements come with the recognition that a number of our members have been represented by you and because of your intimate knowledge with the IRS were successful in your representation. Your knowledge of the issues facing IRS managers has been proven time and time again and that coupled with the benefits gives my members piece of mind.

We are pleased to partner with you to help protect our members from the unpleasantness of section 1203 and 1204 as well as the vagaries of unsubstantiated misconduct charges. We always are looking for ways to provide good, solid benefits for our members at a cost commensurate with the value received. This is one such benefit.

Again, thank you for joining as a partner with PMA and providing an outstanding product, at a very competitive price, in the area of liability insurance. I firmly believe this is an excellent value compared to other offerings and that your knowledge of civil service law makes the decision to purchase liability insurance very easy."

--Thomas R. Burger
Executive Director, PMA

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Other testimonials for IRS managers and employees:

Catherine Lunderville
IRS, Retired

Joseph Lynch Testimonial
Former Assistant General Counsel, U.S. Navy;
Retired Major General, U.S. Air Force

David Schertler Testimonial
Managing Partner - Schertler & Onorato, LLP

Bill Bransford Testimonial
Managing Partner - Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C.

John Euler Testimonial
Former Deputy Director, Torts Branch, Civil Division - U.S. DOJ

Tom Roth Testimonial
Law Offices of Thomas G. Roth

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Benefits are secured by a U.S. based A.M. (Best) A+XV (Superior) Rated Insurance Company