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Liability and legal defense for acts, errors & omissions of federal employees which are committed or arise out of the course and scope of employment including but not limited to:

  • Civil Lawsuits / Bivens Action
  • OIG Investigations
  • Whistleblower & Other OSC Investigations
  • Congressional Investigations
  • OPR Investigations
  • Management Directed Administrative Investigations
  • Disciplinary Actions at the Agency Level
  • Disciplinary Actions Requiring Appeal to the MSPB
  • Criminal Investigations
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IRS Managers and Employees Overview

 As you very well know, such things as the continuing implementation of the RRA ‘98 (and the creation of TIGTA) , the passage of the No Fear Act, and the constant unfounded accusations from Congress or members of the public about IRS mismanagement have resulted in increased scrutiny being placed on career IRS employees and managers.

This increased scrutiny makes IRS employees vulnerable to investigations, proposed disciplinary actions and possibly even civil suits and criminal investigations. It is for these reasons that professional liability insurance (PLI) is available at an affordable cost for all federal IRS employees and managers. For coverage effective today, purchase PLI now.

IRS employees are most at risk for administrative and disciplinary matters. Investigations and proposed disciplinary actions can be the result of any allegation of wrongdoing involving the performance of your official duties including:

  • a No Fear Act investigation;
  • a UNAX allegation;
  • a 1203 or 1204 investigation;
  • an unauthorized 6104 disclosure;
  • a TIGTA or OSC investigation/complaint;
  • an EEO, whistleblower or ethics complaint;
  • a complaint or allegation of wrongdoing made by the public; or
  • any other allegation of wrongdoing involving the performance of your official duties.

Defending against these allegations of misconduct or other wrongdoing is difficult and in many cases requires federal employees to hire and pay for outside legal counsel - even if the allegation is ultimately disproved. Please see scenarios of actual cases and read the Administrative Benefits of the policy for additional information.

Having an attorney experienced in federal matters to advise you of your legal rights and obligations and also the parameters of the law under which you've been accused is imperative in the initial investigative stages. Access to an attorney would also:

  • defend against allegations;
  • prepare you for the agency administration or investigation process;
  • attend the investigative interview with you; and
  • defend you in any resulting disciplinary action (both at the agency level and at the MSPB).

IRS employees and managers can also be exposed to civil suits and criminal investigations, albeit at a much lesser degree than the administrative exposures. These civil suits are typically called Bivens actions and the DOJ has the discretion as to whether or not it will defend you in a personal capacity lawsuit arising out of your scope of employment.

An IRS employee can be investigated criminally for even the most trivial matters and false allegations. See Civil Exposures and Criminal Exposures for additional information about these exposures.

FEDS panel of attorneys has successfully defended IRS employees in a variety of investigations and disciplinary cases including TIGTA, OSC, EEO, and Congressional investigations; and other federal and private-sector employment disputes. Some have had professional liability insurance in place and some haven't.

The FEDS PLI policy also offers all federal employees up to two half hour legal consultations with an attorney experienced in the areas of federal personnel and employment law for precomplaint and other matters not covered by the liability insurance. At $290 per year (with payroll deducuction available) for our $1,000,000 policy, there is no reason not to have career and financial security protections in place.

IRS Managers are eligible for agency reimbursement up to 1/2 the cost of the professional liability insurance for a net cost of only $145 a year after reimbursement for our minimum coverage limit. You may also want to view the Executives and Managers Info Page for additional PLI exposures and benefits. If you are a member of the Professional Managers Association (PMA) representing the interests of IRS Managers, you may want to contact them for your FEDS discount code.

FEDS continually works with the federal employee communities and associations such as the Professional Managers Association (PMA) who specifically endorses FEDS over all other PLI providers - to ensure that we provide the protection Federal employees need to do their jobs. Please read what these associations and other industry leaders have to say about professional protection and why they endorse FEDS over all other professional liability carriers.

FEDS founder is a former federal employee who has defended federal employees in private practice. He encourages all federal employees to be as informed as possible about the benefits of having PLI protection in place. Read more about how and why FEDS got started here. And if you can't find answers to your questions in FAQ's, please call us at 301-229-2481.

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