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It is the rare employee who at some point in his or her career is not accused of some wrongdoing. It may be a subordinate employee who becomes disgruntled with a manager and decides to pick up the phone and make an anonymous allegation to an IG hotline or file an OSC whistleblower complaint. Or it could be an employee who didn’t get a promotion, or got a fully successful rather than a highly successful, or didn’t get a detail or job assignment that they wanted, or did get one that they didn’t want. In each instance the manager could be (and sometimes is) accused of discrimination, retaliation or creating a hostile work environment and is forced to defend his/her actions. FEDS provides you with quality legal counsel to defend employees accused of discrimination, retaliation, or sexual harassment by subordinate employees, under a federal EEO system that allows employees to accuse managers and other employees of discrimination with impunity and without any real proof or justification of wrongdoing.

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SBA’s Sandy Reaction Suffered From Lengthy Delays

The results of a recent federal probe have exposed the Small Business Administration (SBA)’s response in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to be riddled with delays and stoppages.   more

Appeals Court: Former CBP Employee To Get His Job Back

In late October, The U.S.   more

Election Results Suggest Agencies Should Expect More Oversight

In the wake of the mid-term elections, and returned the Republicans to the majority in the House of Representatives and also gave the GOP a majority the Senate, many experienced onlookers predict that federal agencies should anticipate even stricter oversight from the new Congress.   more

New Systems Help VA Cut Backlog

The Department of Veterans Affairs has recently found success by initiating an effort to computerize the process of claims filing and records storage in an effort to combat the delays and problems that have beset the agency, and which culminated this year with the Phoenix VA scandal.   more

Paid To Fight Fake Wildfires?

In October, the Washington Examiner reported that a Department of the Interior report revealed that federal firefighters for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have, on multiple occasions in recent years, logged hours and gotten paid for fighting wildfires that were wither insignificantly small or extinguished months prior.   more

Secret Service Criticized by IG

Secret Service Criticized by IG for White House Reassignment A recent report by Department of Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth accused the Secret Service of a “serious lapse in judgment” due to the improper reassignment of staff from the White House protective details in 2011.   more

Why It Is Necessary Now More Than Ever

Professional Liability Insurance for AUSAs: Why It Is Necessary Now More Than Ever Today’s federal employee operates in an environment that has become littered with lawsuits, disciplinary proceedings, complaints, and investigations.   more

2012 Saw Increase In EEO Complainant Awards

A report issued last month by the EEOC revealed that the amount of money awarded to complainants who filed EEO appeals was $51.4 million in FY 2012, a 18.2% increase from the $43.5 million paid out in FY 2011.   more

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