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If you switch to FEDS from another insurance provider, we will honor your original effective date (i.e., the very first date that you purchased continuous professional liability coverage.  This benefit protects you against a new claim based upon an act, error, or omission that occurred prior to your FEDS policy date.  more details...
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Forest Service Officer Killed in North Carolina

FEDS would like to take a moment here to honor Jason Crisp, 38, the Forest Service office killed in the line of duty.   more

Hijacking FFDO

On the morning of February 17 th , a co-pilot on an Ethiopian Airlines flight hijacked the plane, a Boeing 767-300 en route to Rome, and flew the craft to Geneva, Switzerland.   more

Immigration Officer’s Arbitration Win

A recent appeals court ruling ( Adeleke v.   more

Agencies Failing to Warn About Personal

A report issued last month by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) described how federal agencies have consistently failed to notify Americans when their personal information has been jeopardized by high-risk data breaches.   more

California Chicken Plant Shut Down by USDA

On January 8 federal inspectors suspended processing operations at a Foster Farms poultry plant in Livingston, CA, after the fourth instance of documented live cockroach contamination in five months.   more

Energy Department Hacking Incident Not Unexpected

A July hacking incident that put the private information of over 104,000 federal employees, dependents, and contractors at risk targeted weaknesses in the Department of Energy’s cyber-security that had been known to the agency and subsequently not addressed, stated a December report issued by the DoE Inspector General.   more

Hearing Focuses on Alleged Sexual Misconduct By

A November hearing by a U.S.   more

Senior Navy Officials Under Investigation

Three senior civilian Navy intelligence officials are currently under investigation by federal authorities in connection to an alleged contracting fraud that cost the military $1.6 million for silencers produced at the cost of only $8,000.   more

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