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The policy provides an attorney to monitor DOJ’s defense of you in a civil suit that alleges you committed an act, error or omission in the scope of your employment (i.e., a Bivens action), or provides you with a private attorney if DOJ declines to defend you in such a civil suit.
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Audit of Embassies Reveals Contracting Problems

In June, the State Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) released an internal audit that showed serious problems with vetting and other requirements for contractors doing security work at embassies across the globe.   more

Bill Would Allow Suits Against

In the wake of the public revelations regarding quality of care in VA hospitals across the country, Sen.   more

CDC Improperly Transported Dangerous

In a report released last month aimed at addressing a recent anthrax exposure by CDC employees, the agency also disclosed that in five separate incidents over the last decade deadly pathogens had been improperly sent between laboratories.   more

CIA Spying May Lead To Increased

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has now admitted that, in contrast to earlier denials, it did in fact conduct operations that spied on a Senate committee’s investigation into allegations that the agency had conducted secret detentions and torture.   more

Report: Archives IG to Resign

Paul Brachfield, the Inspector General for the National Archives, will be officially retiring after a 35-year federal career due to the results of an investigation into allegations of misconduct.   more

PTO Investigation Into Paralegals’ Lack of Work

Anonymous whistleblowers at the Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) have spurred a Commerce Department OIG investigation into the agency’s workload given to many paralegals—namely, the conspicuous lack of work.   more

Supervisor Removed After Mail Carrier Bitten

In a decision handed down in late July, a Postal Service Customer Services Manager based in Chicago lost her court appeal and will be removed from her job in the federal service.   more

FBI’s Lab Work Notification Slammed

A report by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General released last week criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation handling of flawed FBI forensic work and the agency’s failure to properly notify defendants whose cases had been affected.   more

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