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The policy provides an attorney to monitor DOJís defense of you in a civil suit that alleges you committed an act, error or omission in the scope of your employment (i.e., a Bivens action), or provides you with a private attorney if DOJ declines to defend you in such a civil suit.
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Billions In Taxes Owed By Federal Employees

Recently the IRS released a report that detailed the amount of unpaid taxes owed by current and former federal employees as of the end of fiscal year 2014, a number that was just over $3.5 billion.   more

Latest Secret Service Incident: Two Agents Under

Latest Secret Service Incident: Two Agents Under Investigation For White House Crash A Secret Service official said Wednesday that two senior Secret Service agents are under investigation by the Obama administration after allegations that the two drove a government car into White House security barricades on March 4th.   more

EPA Handling of FOIA Request Draws Criticism

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)ís handling of a 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was heavily criticized this week by a federal judge.   more

Executives Should Know Federal Gift

Executives Should Know Federal Gift Rules Front to Back On February 10 the U.S.   more

MSPB Report Finds Problems

MSPB Report Finds Problems With Federal Hiring A January report released by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) concluded that many job openings in the federal government may not be fully open to all applicants, and recommended that stricter guidelines for hiring be implemented.   more

The New VA Statute: What does it Mean for You?

Debra L.   more

SBAís Sandy Reaction Suffered From Lengthy Delays

The results of a recent federal probe have exposed the Small Business Administration (SBA)ís response in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to be riddled with delays and stoppages.   more

Appeals Court: Former CBP Employee To Get His Job Back

In late October, The U.S.   more

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