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The policy provides top quality legal defense counsel to defend employees under an IG or management investigation into allegations of job-related wrongdoing, or an investigation by the Office of Special Counsel into allegations of whistleblower reprisal, in an environment where employees believe that filing with the IG or OSC empowers them and gives them a suit of armor.

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Why It Is Necessary Now More Than Ever

Professional Liability Insurance for AUSAs: Why It Is Necessary Now More Than Ever Today’s federal employee operates in an environment that has become littered with lawsuits, disciplinary proceedings, complaints, and investigations.   more

2012 Saw Increase In EEO Complainant Awards

A report issued last month by the EEOC revealed that the amount of money awarded to complainants who filed EEO appeals was $51.4 million in FY 2012, a 18.2% increase from the $43.5 million paid out in FY 2011.   more

Above the Law

Federal Employees, Legal Fees, and Insurance By MATT KAISER One often hears lawyers, especially at large firms, say something like "if I were a client, I couldn't afford to hire me." The reason is obvious; billable hour rates are high and quality legal work, especially in a tricky area, takes time.   more

FBI Official Censured, Created Impression

A recent report by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) has concluded that Teresa Carlson, a senior FBI official, created the impression of tampering with a witness’s testimony during a lawsuit brought against the bureau.   more

Audit of Embassies Reveals Contracting Problems

In June, the State Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) released an internal audit that showed serious problems with vetting and other requirements for contractors doing security work at embassies across the globe.   more

Bill Would Allow Suits Against

In the wake of the public revelations regarding quality of care in VA hospitals across the country, Sen.   more

CDC Improperly Transported Dangerous

In a report released last month aimed at addressing a recent anthrax exposure by CDC employees, the agency also disclosed that in five separate incidents over the last decade deadly pathogens had been improperly sent between laboratories.   more

CIA Spying May Lead To Increased

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has now admitted that, in contrast to earlier denials, it did in fact conduct operations that spied on a Senate committee’s investigation into allegations that the agency had conducted secret detentions and torture.   more

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